Established in 2012, the AW Skin Institute is the only Medical Esthetics school in Texas!  Here students learn Ann's proven protocols for improving skin in an environment that is skin-focused.  Advanced technology, real-world business skills, and the ability to shadow experienced medical estheticians at the AW Skin Clinic set us apart from other schools and ensure that our students receive the best education possible.

Courses of Study:

• Esthetician (750 Hours)
• Manicurist (600 Hours)
• Esthetician/Manicurist (1,200 Hours)
• Lash Extensions Specialist (320 Hours)
• Cosmetology Instructor (750 or 500 Hours)
• Laser Hair Removal Technician (taught at AW Skin Clinic)

Click here to visit our Institute website, or call 512-614-4018 for more information.